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TextMate – Shortcut Heaven! – #in

Introduction i’ve started to learn HTML5, to discover how close the new functionality it has, can compete with Flash, which has functionality I’m familiar with. I decided to use TextMate to write the necessary html and css and discovered a world of numerous, sometimes fiddly but efficient shortcuts. A list of shortcuts This list isn’t … Continue reading

Context Switching

Introduction I was reading Andrew Hunt’s Pragmatic Thinking & Learning and was interested in the section, Maintain Task Focus. Here he talked about using a Virtual Desk Top so multiple workspaces on a computer can be set up. In essnence each virtual desktop only has a specific set of applications, and switching to a different … Continue reading

GTD for OSX part 1

Introduction´╗┐ I’m very interested in efficiency when using a computer and welcome new techniques in reducing the time spent dealing with various tasks. GTD or Getting Things Done Getting Things Done is a book by David Allen usually abbreviated to GTD, I’ll quote in full the Wikipedia definition: The Getting Things Done method rests on … Continue reading

Further Sprouts

This a continuation of the project my Spouts. Project Aims Create new classes and extend previous project Tasks 1. In the Terminal cd to an appropriate folder. (In my case ‘sprouts’ within my ‘workspace’. ) 2. Enter in the Terminal: $ sprout -n as2 AnotherProject A new folder ‘AnotherProject’ is created with all the base … Continue reading

Using MTASC with the OSX Terminal Part 1

I’m attempting to clarify and document all the methods I intend to use to Compile and Publish to swf files. The bare bones method would be to use the OSX Terminal. The following is an abridged OSX specific version of the text in mtasc.org. Tasks 1. Download MTASC see: mtasc.org 2. Place in applications folder. … Continue reading


Whilst searching for information about MTASC Commands I came across site the Sprouts site. An ‘an open-source, cross-platform project generation and configuration tool for ActionScript 2, ActionScript 3’…. As I’ve been looking at Ruby using the OSX Terminal and am interested in further experiments in finding new an better ways to compile and build swfs … Continue reading


I was having a little time on my hands and I thought I would try looking at Ruby. Ruby is installed with OSX. (I’ll post these links and information and tidy and format them up later. ) I’ve used the dollar sign $ to indicate the following text is to be entered into the Terminal … Continue reading


I occasionally us TextMate as an alternative to Eclipse. It’s a Mac OSX only text editor with plenty of extra features. I’ve used is ability to compile with MTASC with some success, see my post ‘XTRACE, MTASC and TextMate‘. I found a useful Cheat Sheet provided by grayskies.net. Also, G Design’s 2 Page Cheat Sheet … Continue reading