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Programming Books iPhone SDK I’ve just aquired iPhone 3.0 SDK Development, and thought I should put a good list of iPhone SDK books on my blog. iPhone 3.0 SDK Development Beginning iPhone 3 Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK There’s a very good chapter on using the SQLite Database, and a very useful chapter on using … Continue reading

ActionScript 3 Books

Introduction With the introduction of ActionScript 3.0 with Flash 9, ActionScript has matured into a well rounded programming language. The implications is that Flash content can created with a Code library and without any content or inline code on the Flash Timeline. It is also possible to compile swf content without recourse to the Flash … Continue reading

Flash Programming – Good Articles

I’m compiling a collection of links to good Flash Programming articles, I’ll add some more details soon. Explaining OOP without Mentioning Classes I’m currently documenting a Flash project and whilst I was looking for precise definitions of Programming terms came across a definition of the Law of Demeter. This is (t)he fundamental notion is that … Continue reading