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Javascript within Eclipse

Introduction I’m very interesting in rationalizing the number of tools and packages used to writing code. Eclipse is my favoured IDE, and for some time I’ve been interested in finding a decent plugin to make writing Javascript, HTML and XML easier within Eclipse, rather than using Dreamweaver or UltraEdit. Plugins I’ve found RockStar Optimizer and … Continue reading

Using Bitami to set up Trac in OSX

Requirements Mac OSX 10.4 Subversion Bitnami FDT Eclipse SVN plug-in Preamble I used Trac an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects, some time ago and found it an excellent tool. Trying to install it on my own machine (a MacBook 1.83 Ghz) I came across numerous problems downloading and installing from … Continue reading

How to increase memory allocated to Eclipse.

I’ve recently upgraded to FDT 3.0 and encountered a warning message: “Not enough memory. To use FDT you should raise the available memory for eclipse. Edit the file ‘eclipse.ini’ inside the eclipse installation directory and add the line: -Xmx512m After doing so restart eclipse.” I had some trouble finding the correct file. I Found the … Continue reading