Using Bitami to set up Trac in OSX


  • Mac OSX 10.4
  • Subversion
  • Bitnami
  • FDT
  • Eclipse SVN plug-in


I used Trac an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects, some time ago and found it an excellent tool. Trying to install it on my own machine (a MacBook 1.83 Ghz) I came across numerous problems downloading and installing from sources I found on the Trac site.

Fortunately I stumbled upon an application called on the Bitami site which solved my problems!


Install the BitNami Trac Stack installer

If Subversion isn’t installed see my previous post: Setting up SVN with Mac OSX

1. Create svn folder for original source

$ svnadmin create /svn/project

2. create svn ‘working copy’

svnadmin create /Users/admin/Documents/workspace/trac_test_8/

3. Open bitnami app

i. Choose folder to install stack


ii. create admin account

iii. Web server port – add port numbers if default 8080 is used

iv. Subversion server port – add port if default 3690 is used

v. set up initial project

project name: trac_test_8

…folder to create repository in /svn/trac_test

bitnami installs stack

vi. Launch Bitnami Trac Stack

page with title ‘Available Projects’ should launch

4. make new Flash project in FDT

5. use eclipse SVN Repository to Check out repository into the new FDT Project

In Eclipse

Show view -> SVN Repository
New -> Repository Location file:///svn/project

Checkout in project folder

6. Make changes in Eclipse and Commit and the changes will be reflected in Trac – Timeline

I had some problems connecting to the new localhost

I found help at the bitami forum:

you have to start the servers. From the command line, go to the installation directory



./ start

The Terminal output will be something like:

/Users/admin/Documents/workspace/project/stack/apache2/scripts/ : httpd started at port 8181
/Users/admin/Documents/workspace/project/stack/subversion/scripts/ : subversion started at port 3691

This allows the browser to load the new Trac url,
(in my case: http://russells-macbook.local:8181/trac/project/wiki).


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