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Flex and AS3 for iOS

Introduction I’ve been doing plenty of research in creating IOS apps using Flash, AS3 and Flex this page is simply a list of relevant links. Multiplatform Starting with AIR for Android and iOS – building one app for both platforms Ant Ant is essential to create the necessary build files AIR2 and FDT4 (M4) – … Continue reading

Using FDT 4 to Create iPhone apps

Introduction I’ve been looking using HTML5 and javascript to create IOS aps, but was  little disappointed in the lack of an sdk with a true Object Orientated approach. (A topic worthy of another post).  I decided to return to familiar territory – AS3 and see how FDT4 can facilitate in the process. Requirements The latest … Continue reading

Using Greensock Classes #in

Introduction I’ve used various tweening engines over the years and have found those provided by Greensock to be the best. This post is intended to document my experience with the Greensock packages and provide quick links and tips for myself and others. Greensock The Greensock site is extensive and full of handy features and widgets, … Continue reading

Packager for iPhone – #in

Introduction: I was prompted by a colleague to purchase Computer Arts Projects magazine issue 144. With the title: Build an App using Flash. The magazine has has inspired to me to look into creating an app using Flash, because the featured project uses AS3 with PureMVC. Restriction Changed In a previous post Apple v Adobe, I … Continue reading

Alternative to Drag & Drop

Finding an alternative to Drag & Drop Introduction: For a AS3 project i’m working on I need to find an alternative to Drag & Drop, using Tabbing and perhaps the Return Key. Links: when to use drag & drop (some informal research results) The Wikipedia definition: Drag-and-drop Usability in application design from Jakob Nielsen: Top-10 … Continue reading

AS3 to Cocoa touch

Introduction As a Flash AS3 Developer who has started developing for the iPhone, I’m very interested in finding information from developers who are on a similar learning curve. I’m confident in using MVC, specifically the PureMVC framework. There are significant similaraties and difrences in AS3 and iPhone Developemnt. AS3 and Cocoa touch Cocoa touch relies … Continue reading

Issues with certain Unicode Characters

Working on a French Flash activity, I had problems displaying certain French characters: OE Upper Case ligature Unicode 0152 oe Lower Case ligature Unicode 0153 Ÿ Upper Case diaeresis Unicode 0178 With a normal (8-bit) font these characters cannot be displayed, so I created a Method in a Class StringUtilities to replace these characters with … Continue reading

Running Flash Locally

Introduction I’ve been developing the new ActionScript 3.0 (”’AS3”’) Template, which will include, if feasible the ability to run Flash Content locally. (This will be content from a local hard-drive, or CDROM ). Flash has always had an emphais on security, which has the effect of disabling the functionalty of local content within a browser. … Continue reading