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getURL not working in AS2

I was recently working on a Flash AS2 project, where I was calling: getURL(thankYouUrl, “_self”); the variable thankYouUrl is received from an xml in response to a sendAndLoad call. I was receiving inconsistent results with ie, and firefox, sometimes working sometimes not. After investigating popup blocking, using escape() and security issues I implemented the following … Continue reading

Using MTASC with the OSX Terminal Part 1

I’m attempting to clarify and document all the methods I intend to use to Compile and Publish to swf files. The bare bones method would be to use the OSX Terminal. The following is an abridged OSX specific version of the text in mtasc.org. Tasks 1. Download MTASC see: mtasc.org 2. Place in applications folder. … Continue reading


Whilst searching for information about MTASC Commands I came across site the Sprouts site. An ‘an open-source, cross-platform project generation and configuration tool for ActionScript 2, ActionScript 3’…. As I’ve been looking at Ruby using the OSX Terminal and am interested in further experiments in finding new an better ways to compile and build swfs … Continue reading

ActionScript CodeSnippets

I was looking for some good Flash programming articles to add to by post Flash Programming – Good Articles, and came across Jim Bumgardner’s blog, which in turn led me to this solution he posted to the FlashKit forum 2-State Button. In the examples he uses the XOR operator: ^ and the conditional operator: ?: … Continue reading

Flash Programming – Good Articles

I’m compiling a collection of links to good Flash Programming articles, I’ll add some more details soon. Explaining OOP without Mentioning Classes I’m currently documenting a Flash project and whilst I was looking for precise definitions of Programming terms came across a definition of the Law of Demeter. This is (t)he fundamental notion is that … Continue reading

XTRACE, MTASC and TextMate

Generally I use FDT to create my Flash projects, but have just trashed my Java paths and am unable to use Eclipse. So I thought I would have a go at using TextMate to create a Flash project and see if I can compile with MTASC, rather than using the slow Flash IDE and use … Continue reading


I been interested in the MVC design pattern for some time and will now attempt to document and create links my knowledge. I originally created a MVC framework closely following the Mook MVC pattern in Essential ActionScript 2.0. A working example can be downloaded at: MVC Clock. There seem to be many more AS3 versions … Continue reading