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Importing Illustrator Files to Flash

Copying images from Adobe Illustrator to Adobe Flash, which require a Gradient Introduction As I generally stick to the code side of Flash, I’m a bit rusty when it comes to the design and Timeline stuff. I needed to import Illustrator content to a Flash Movie, I assumed ‘copy and paste’ would be OK and … Continue reading

The ASDoc tool

The ASDoc Tool Further to my post on Java Style Docs with ZenDoc, I’ve found and used a better tool ASDoc. I’ve used parts of FDTKit to enable an ANT script to create a directory with the documentation. The process of using FDTKit can be viewed here: FDTKit Documentation & Usage Guide, theres too much … Continue reading

ActionScript 3 Books

Introduction With the introduction of ActionScript 3.0 with Flash 9, ActionScript has matured into a well rounded programming language. The implications is that Flash content can created with a Code library and without any content or inline code on the Flash Timeline. It is also possible to compile swf content without recourse to the Flash … Continue reading

SWFObject 2 generator

SWFObject 2 Generator. I usually use the SWF Object to embed by swf’s and I am adding a quick link to the generator here. The online SWF Object generator at: SWFObject 2 HTML and JavaScript generator v1.2


Whilst searching for information about MTASC Commands I came across site the Sprouts site. An ‘an open-source, cross-platform project generation and configuration tool for ActionScript 2, ActionScript 3’…. As I’ve been looking at Ruby using the OSX Terminal and am interested in further experiments in finding new an better ways to compile and build swfs … Continue reading

Flash Bloggers

Searching the Web I’ve come across many good Flash Blogs which I will Document here: Lee Brimelow’s blog, TheFlashBlog, also the author of gotoAndLearn tutorials. automatalabs Pixelfumes a Pittsburgh-based multimedia solutions company. They have also provided articles for the Adobe devnet site. Mike Chambers Razorberry. There are some good AS2 and AS3 functions on the … Continue reading

ActionScript CodeSnippets

I was looking for some good Flash programming articles to add to by post Flash Programming – Good Articles, and came across Jim Bumgardner’s blog, which in turn led me to this solution he posted to the FlashKit forum 2-State Button. In the examples he uses the XOR operator: ^ and the conditional operator: ?: … Continue reading