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TextMate – Shortcut Heaven! – #in

Introduction i’ve started to learn HTML5, to discover how close the new functionality it has, can compete with Flash, which has functionality I’m familiar with. I decided to use TextMate to write the necessary html and css and discovered a world of numerous, sometimes fiddly but efficient shortcuts. A list of shortcuts This list isn’t … Continue reading


I occasionally us TextMate as an alternative to Eclipse. It’s a Mac OSX only text editor with plenty of extra features. I’ve used is ability to compile with MTASC with some success, see my post ‘XTRACE, MTASC and TextMate‘. I found a useful Cheat Sheet provided by grayskies.net. Also, G Design’s 2 Page Cheat Sheet … Continue reading

XTRACE, MTASC and TextMate

Generally I use FDT to create my Flash projects, but have just trashed my Java paths and am unable to use Eclipse. So I thought I would have a go at using TextMate to create a Flash project and see if I can compile with MTASC, rather than using the slow Flash IDE and use … Continue reading