Flash Bloggers

Searching the Web I’ve come across many good Flash Blogs which I will Document here:

Lee Brimelow’s blog, TheFlashBlog, also the author of gotoAndLearn tutorials.


Pixelfumes a Pittsburgh-based multimedia solutions company. They have also provided articles for the Adobe devnet site.

Mike Chambers

Razorberry. There are some good AS2 and AS3 functions on the Blog, for instance Colour utility methods, and AS3 Dynamic Speech Bubble Snippet.

The Flash Art of War blog for Jesse Freeman. Full of interesting stuff and links. For example: Learning AS 3 from Java, which links to Flash verus Java: Differences

He has an interesting framework – Flash Camouflage Framework, which might be worth a look. There is also a good AS3 Class for building objects out of XML: XML Proxy Class


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