Creating Subversion Repository and new Flash Project in Eclipse in OSX


I have already created a post Copying Base Project in Reposoitory to new Project in Eclipse/FDT, and wanted to document my approach in creating a Flash project from scratch. The advantage of starting a project from scratch from a Subversion Repository is the ability to use Trac from the onset of the project.


  • FDT 3.0
  • Subversion
  • Eclipse 3.4 – Ganymede
  • Subclipse plugin
  • Mac OSX 10.4
  • OSX Terminal


  1. First create folder to create Repository in –
    1. In the Terminal create a new SVN ready folder in the correct location

      svnadmin create AS3_EMBED_TEST
  2. Open SVN Repository Exploring Perspective in Eclipse
  3. Ctrl Click in left hand panel of Perspective and select New -> Repository Location
  4. Add location – in my case
  5. Ctrl Click on icon for the new repository icon and select Checkout
  6. Picture 1.png

    Click on Next, then Finish and a valid Subversion Directory will be created in the selected location.

  7. Open the Flash FDT Perspective in Eclipse, and select New Flash Project, create project with the same name
  8. Create folder structure as required

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