AngularJS with Node

Introduction I’m about to start a AngularJS project which will require server functionality. Nodejs is really just server-side javascript. In essence this post will provide a set of useful links. The application I found a fantastic post from Brian Ford – Writing an AngularJS App with an Express + Node.js , which explains with extensive details the … Continue reading


Introduction I’ve recently been working on some new HTML5 projects using Twitter Bootstrap and needed to escape the Helvetica norm. Hopefully this post will prvide a useful introduction to creating Webfonts. Webfonts A webfont is a specially tuned font for use on websites using the CSS @font-face declaration, basically a font in a desktop format … Continue reading

AngularJS – Service

Introduction I’ve recently begun a couple of freelance projects on what is a fairly new technology to me – AngularJS.  This post details my reflections on how to write an Angular service and an to provide an explanation. Definition and Examples From the Angular site I found this very good explanation: “The purpose of a … Continue reading

IR35 – Implications 2013

Introduction IR35 is a tax legislation designed to tax ‘disguised employment’. It has as been around since 2000 with varying levels of success. With the present government on a mission to reclaim as much tax is it can, now seems a good time to clarify how a contractor can protect themselves. Some background on the … Continue reading

Starting backbone.js #in

Introduction I’m interested in finding an existing and popular framework to develop Javascript applications. I was impressed with as it uses something of a  MVC paradigm. This page will provide links to useful resources which will help me start. backbone and tutorials The APi can down loads can be found on Github: backbone.js There are … Continue reading

Responsive Web Design with Skeleton – #in

Introduction I’m discarding Flash and working towards creating apps in HTML5 and Javascript, rather than re-inventing the wheel I was looking for an existing framework that could provide a framework responsive web design. I looked at a few and decided like html5boilerplate. but decided upon skeleton. I managed very quickly to build a basic skeleton app for factornine. This … Continue reading

Using Textastic to code HTML5 – Part 1 #in

Introduction I’ve recently purchased the new iPad and was interested in seeing if it was feasible to write HTML code on the device. I decided to see if textastic would be the app for the task. Textastic Textastic is pretty straightforward text editor which is very well laid out and contains a few useful extra … Continue reading

New factornine website

Today I’ve updated the factornine website. I’ve used the skeleton CSS framework and the site looks good on the iPhone and iPad. See:

Flex and AS3 for iOS

Introduction I’ve been doing plenty of research in creating IOS apps using Flash, AS3 and Flex this page is simply a list of relevant links. Multiplatform Starting with AIR for Android and iOS – building one app for both platforms Ant Ant is essential to create the necessary build files AIR2 and FDT4 (M4) – … Continue reading

Using FDT 4 to Create iPhone apps

Introduction I’ve been looking using HTML5 and javascript to create IOS aps, but was  little disappointed in the lack of an sdk with a true Object Orientated approach. (A topic worthy of another post).  I decided to return to familiar territory – AS3 and see how FDT4 can facilitate in the process. Requirements The latest … Continue reading