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Responsive Web Design with Skeleton – #in

Introduction I’m discarding Flash and working towards creating apps in HTML5 and Javascript, rather than re-inventing the wheel I was looking for an existing framework that could provide a framework responsive web design. I looked at a few and decided like html5boilerplate. but decided upon skeleton. I managed very quickly to build a basic skeleton app for factornine. This … Continue reading

Using Textastic to code HTML5 – Part 1 #in

Introduction I’ve recently purchased the new iPad and was interested in seeing if it was feasible to write HTML code on the device. I decided to see if textastic would be the app for the task. Textastic Textastic is pretty straightforward text editor which is very well laid out and contains a few useful extra … Continue reading

New factornine website

Today I’ve updated the factornine website. I’ve used the skeleton CSS framework and the site looks good on the iPhone and iPad. See:

TextMate – Shortcut Heaven! – #in

Introduction i’ve started to learn HTML5, to discover how close the new functionality it has, can compete with Flash, which has functionality I’m familiar with. I decided to use TextMate to write the necessary html and css and discovered a world of numerous, sometimes fiddly but efficient shortcuts. A list of shortcuts This list isn’t … Continue reading