Importing Illustrator Files to Flash

Copying images from Adobe Illustrator to Adobe Flash, which require a Gradient


As I generally stick to the code side of Flash, I’m a bit rusty when it comes to the design and Timeline stuff. I needed to import Illustrator content to a Flash Movie, I assumed ‘copy and paste’ would be OK and I would be left with neat low memory Vectors. Unfortunately a whole load of Bitmap Meshes appeared in my Flash library, rather than just a collection of shapes in the timeline.


Nothing I could do in Flash Preferences ‘AI File Importer’ helped, so I had to find the solution with Illustrator. The ‘Mesh Objects’ are used for gradient and 3D effects and can be converted to Paths, see: Extract Paths From Mesh Shapes.


Make the Path from the Mesh as above, remove the Mesh layer, (I also made a Path layer invisible). Then copy and paste. The Path for the Gradient vector is imported into Flash, but unfortunately the Gradient has to be remade! Again I’m rusty with gradients, the new gradient has to defined in the Color Mixer, select: Window – Color, then applied to the new shape. See Flash CS3 : finding the gradient transform tool and Working With Gradients in Flash CS3 for more Gradient help. With quite a bit of fiddly work the look of the Illustrator file was reproduced approximately.


This all seemed a bit too much work, converting one Adobe format to another, I think keeping Flash assets 100% vector is a reasonable request! Perhaps there is an easier solution out there, or perhaps it would be best to insist on source files being Flash Vector Compatible in the first place!

Further Notes

  • Remember to set the Document Color Mode to RGB in Illustrator, otherwise the color will not be accurate in Flash

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