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Objective-C Method signature

Notes on Objective-C Method Signatures I’m still not finding the Cocoa Touch language ‘natural’ so I decided to make a few notes and make sone examples to cement my understating. Examples: – (id)initWithInt:(int)value; defines a method initWithInt that returns a general object (an id) and takes one integer argument. Objective-C only requires a type in … Continue reading

Objective-C Confusion

Introduction As mentioned in a previous post I’m getting to grips with the idiosyncrasies  of Cocoa Touch, i’ll try and document them here. Confusing Errors Sometimes the errors listed are not exactly helpfull, see Confusing Objective-C Warnings and Errors. iPhone 3.0 SDK Development has a very helpfull chapter dealing with confusing error issues.

AS3 to Cocoa touch

Introduction As a Flash AS3 Developer who has started developing for the iPhone, I’m very interested in finding information from developers who are on a similar learning curve. I’m confident in using MVC, specifically the PureMVC framework. There are significant similaraties and difrences in AS3 and iPhone Developemnt. AS3 and Cocoa touch Cocoa touch relies … Continue reading

Starting iPhone Devlopment

Notes on Starting iPhone Development I’ve recently begun to learn the iPhone SDK and this post is to record my initial impressions and experiences. The SDK The language for writing iPhone applications is Objective-C, I previously heard bad things about the language but after a little confusion I’m getting used to it and it’s seems … Continue reading