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Sound Conversion for Cocoa Touch – #in

Introduction I’ve been making an iPhone app for myself at home where I wanted to play sounds. I came across a few issues but I managed to find effective solutions. The first issue being my phone was set to silent but I won’t elaborate that here! Sound Players and Sound File Formats There are two … Continue reading

Packager for iPhone – #in

Introduction: I was prompted by a colleague to purchase Computer Arts Projects magazine issue 144. With the title: Build an App using Flash. The magazine has has inspired to me to look into creating an app using Flash, because the featured project uses AS3 with PureMVC. Restriction Changed In a previous post Apple v Adobe, I … Continue reading

High-quality Screenshots from an iPhone

Introduction I was reading my favourite magazine, MacUser and came across this Q and A in the letter page Question We need to produce reports with screenshots of iPhones and iPads. How do you get such high-quality ones? Answer All iOS devices -iPod, iPhone and iPad – will take screenshots when. you press the sleep/wake … Continue reading

Design for iPhone and iPad

Introduction As I’m interested in creating iPhone apps, I’ve been looking at the best resources and tools for helping me in the design process, and assets to use in actual apps. This includes, Photoshop resources in PSD formats, design tips and stencils. Icons There are plenty of free icons out there, which would be helpful … Continue reading

Apple v Adobe

Introduction Further to Apple’s ruling baring Adobe’s Flash CS5 Packager for iPhone, I decided to document the latest developments. The Ruling Theres a good description of the ruling on the Daring Fireball site, and information about other SDK’s which might be effected by the same ruling. Antitrust Apple’s restriction has led to American federal regulators … Continue reading

Objective-C Method signature

Notes on Objective-C Method Signatures I’m still not finding the Cocoa Touch language ‘natural’ so I decided to make a few notes and make sone examples to cement my understating. Examples: – (id)initWithInt:(int)value; defines a method initWithInt that returns a general object (an id) and takes one integer argument. Objective-C only requires a type in … Continue reading