How to increase memory allocated to Eclipse.

I’ve recently upgraded to FDT 3.0 and encountered a warning message:

“Not enough memory. To use FDT you should raise the available memory for eclipse. Edit the file ‘eclipse.ini’ inside the eclipse installation directory and add the line: -Xmx512m After doing so restart eclipse.”

I had some trouble finding the correct file. I Found the solution at:
power flasher forum the entry by matteomenapace.

To quote and elaborate from the above post:…go to the eclipse installation folder, right-click (or ctrl click for OSX ) on and choose “Show Package Contents”, then navigate through the path


Open the eclipse.ini in your favorite text editor and change the line:




Further information

I’ve currently set my memory to -Xmx1024m in the ini file. This is on a PC with 2GB of RAM running Windows XP. Raising this to a higher amount seems to have a negative effect. I still have memory issues, the FDT Java Heap running out of space, see:
Window -> Preferences -> General -> Show heap status

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