Javascript within Eclipse


I’m very interesting in rationalizing the number of tools and packages used to writing code. Eclipse is my favoured IDE, and for some time I’ve been interested in finding a decent plugin to make writing Javascript, HTML and XML easier within Eclipse, rather than using Dreamweaver or UltraEdit.


I’ve found RockStar Optimizer and am currently testing it to see if it’s fit for purpose.

The plugin can be downloaded via Eclipse, the instructions can be found here: Installation Instructions

Instructions for using the for Javascript part of the Optimizer can be found here: JsLint Eclipse Plugin.

Interestingly the Validator was developed by Douglas Crockford the author of JavaScript: The Good Parts.

It seems the JsLint Plugin is a Validator, rather than a IDE extension like FDT.

I’m also looking at JSEditor, which maybe a little old for my Eclipse, but it promises syntax highlighting and OO approaches.


The Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) has made JSEditor redundant, installation instructions can be found here.

(Although I’m having trouble adding a new repository with Eclipse, and my have to resort to downloading the zips.)  Also, there a lot of Required Prerequisites so it’s taking bit of time to do!

I downloaded the following zips which are ‘prerequisites’ :

  • emf-runtime…
  • xsd-runtime-2…
  • GEF-SDK…
  • dtp-sdk_…
  • And the non-SDK package wtp.

I then copied the files from the unzipped files to the ‘plugin’ or ‘features’ folder of my version of Eclipse.

I restarted Eclipse (After updating to 3.5.1), and opened a new view – Web, and viola my Eclipse is now capable of creating HTML pages with various assistants.


I’ll give WTP a good test as it seems to have a lot going for it! I’ll check out javascript and HTML validation later and create a specific WTP post if the Plugin is effective.

I’m currently having trouble updating my Eclipse at work to 3.5.1, found a possible solution at: Eclipse Update Problems: No Repository.

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