Setting up Eclipse/FDT for AS3 Using the CS5 iPhone Packager


Further to previous post, Packager for iPhone I began experimenting with creating an AS3 project for iPhone OS. My aim was to set up FDT, so I could write the AS3 code with all the normal hints and typical IDE assistance rather than be plagued by a multitude of red dots. Also, I need to link to a new set of classes which which Flash uses to run  the iPhone specific API.


  • Flash CS5 (Although many of these tips might hold true for CS3 or CS4)
  • Eclipse – my version is Galileo 3.5.1
  • FDT- i’m using 3.5, I haven’t upgraded to 4 yet.


In Flash CS5 there is for some reason no AS3 Classes in a ‘ First run’ folder, and we need the FDT project to link to the correct ‘Core Library’, so we will to find another source for the ‘Core Library’.

This blog: Accessing Flash Player 10.1 from Flash CS4/5, gave me some tips on the procedure.

  • Create a new FDT Project which uses some of the new API ( I copied the Computer Arts Project source) .
  • Download the Flex 4 SDK.
  • Copy the 10.1 playerglobal.swc form this sdk to the FDT Plugin. These files are bit buried, in my configuration they are so:
    • /Applications/flex_sdk_4.1/frameworks/libs/player/10.1
    • Applications/eclipse/plugins/com.powerflasher.fdt.shippedflex_3.3.0.4852_1000/flex/frameworks/libs/player/10/playerglobal.swc
  • Change the Core Library in FDT. ( See the above link for guidance ).
  • Rebuild the FDT Project, the red dots which relate to not having sat the Multitouch Classes should disappear.

Further Links:


i’m a few steps closer to making a Flash iOS project, I hope this post has can provide a few pointers to fellow migrating AS3 developers. Expect further posts as I further explore this topic.



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