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Using Greensock Classes #in

Introduction I’ve used various tweening engines over the years and have found those provided by Greensock to be the best. This post is intended to document my experience with the Greensock packages and provide quick links and tips for myself and others. Greensock The Greensock site is extensive and full of handy features and widgets, … Continue reading

AS3 Optimization

Introduction: An AS3 module I was working on was eating up memory, and a FLVPlayback video was having some trouble playing occasionally, so I decided to track what was happening and systemically improve performance. Links: Searching the net I found a few good sites with information regarding memory optimization and general performance optimization: Good stuff … Continue reading

Flash Frame Rate

What is the best framerate for swf content Introduction I’m currently creating swf content with a Frame rate of 31 fps. As I’m using the FDT AS3 Application within FDT it’s set in the Run Configurations – Compiler Arguments as -default-frame-rate 31. This is causing some loaded swfs to run too fast. Why 31 fps? … Continue reading

JSON for AS3

Introduction For a current project we are looking into the posiblity of using JSON files to store data. On this page I will record my findings. Links A very good introduction: Cake’s Good The adobe core library which contains serialization Classes Further Actions I’ve added the adobe classes from the above link, and I’m just … Continue reading

Using a Domain Specific Language in AS3

Introduction I’m very interested in creating flexible code in AS3 which reflects best practice in other Programming Languages, and primarily follows the topics covered in the Pragmatic Programmer. One chapter deals with Domain Languages, which seems a good approach to make more adaptable, robust, readable and testable code. In envisage creating a text file in … Continue reading

Unit Testing For AS3

Introduction I’m about to embark on creating a system of Unit Testing for the AS3 Framework I’m developing. I’ll put my research and found links on this page. Links Unit testing with mock objects in ActionScript 3.0 <!– –>

Alternative to Drag & Drop

Finding an alternative to Drag & Drop Introduction: For a AS3 project i’m working on I need to find an alternative to Drag & Drop, using Tabbing and perhaps the Return Key. Links: when to use drag & drop (some informal research results) The Wikipedia definition: Drag-and-drop Usability in application design from Jakob Nielsen: Top-10 … Continue reading

AS3 to Cocoa touch

Introduction As a Flash AS3 Developer who has started developing for the iPhone, I’m very interested in finding information from developers who are on a similar learning curve. I’m confident in using MVC, specifically the PureMVC framework. There are significant similaraties and difrences in AS3 and iPhone Developemnt. AS3 and Cocoa touch Cocoa touch relies … Continue reading

Issues with certain Unicode Characters

Working on a French Flash activity, I had problems displaying certain French characters: OE Upper Case ligature Unicode 0152 oe Lower Case ligature Unicode 0153 Ÿ Upper Case diaeresis Unicode 0178 With a normal (8-bit) font these characters cannot be displayed, so I created a Method in a Class StringUtilities to replace these characters with … Continue reading

The ASDoc tool

The ASDoc Tool Further to my post on Java Style Docs with ZenDoc, I’ve found and used a better tool ASDoc. I’ve used parts of FDTKit to enable an ANT script to create a directory with the documentation. The process of using FDTKit can be viewed here: FDTKit Documentation & Usage Guide, theres too much … Continue reading