Issues with certain Unicode Characters

Working on a French Flash activity, I had problems displaying certain French characters:

    OE Upper Case ligature  Unicode 0152  
    oe Lower Case ligature Unicode  0153
    Ÿ  Upper Case diaeresis Unicode  0178  

With a normal (8-bit) font these characters cannot be displayed, so I created a Method in a Class StringUtilities to replace these characters with alternatives.

 public static function replaceFrenchLigatureCharacters(text : String) : String {
            var len : Number = text.length;
            var returnText : String = “”;
             for (var i : Number = 0;i < len; i++) {
                var char : String = text.charAt(i);
                var code : Number = text.charCodeAt(i);
                switch(code) {   
                    case O_E_SMALL_LIGATURE  :
                        returnText += “oe”;
                    case O_E_UPPER_LIGATURE :
                        returnText += “OE”    ;
                    case Y_UPPER_DIAERESIS :
                        returnText += “Y”;
                    default :
                        returnText += char;
            return returnText;


This is going to be an issue for all non standard characters which belong to the Extended-A_Unicode_block rather than the standard Basic Latin (00 to 7F) and the Latin-1 Supplement (80 to FF) . So I’m sure this issue will raise it’s head again.


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