Flash Frame Rate

What is the best framerate for swf content


I’m currently creating swf content with a Frame rate of 31 fps. As I’m using the FDT AS3 Application within FDT it’s set in the Run Configurations – Compiler Arguments as -default-frame-rate 31. This is causing some loaded swfs to run too fast.

Why 31 fps?

For some reason I always remember setting the fps at 31, this blog:31 fps still optimum frame rate in AS3 on Kirupa.com gives the clue to why. Some Flash 5 bug years ago. So perhaps there’s no need to set the rate so high.

What is the best rate?

This post: More on Flex Framerate and Performance seems to suggests that faster is better.

Is it possible to set a loaded assets frame rate dynamically?

The frameRate of the Stage can be set, see: Stage, but this will be the Parent’s Movie frame rate. The LoaderInfo Object has a framerate property, which is read only. So, unfortunately it seems in conclusion I cannot change the rate of the loaded move but I can change the rate of the parent movie

Conclusion – No solution!

There might be be a purchase solution see: bytescout, but I haven’t the time to check this one out now!


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