AS3 to Cocoa touch


As a Flash AS3 Developer who has started developing for the iPhone, I’m very interested in finding information from developers who are on a similar learning curve. I’m confident in using MVC, specifically the PureMVC framework.

There are significant similaraties and difrences in AS3 and iPhone Developemnt.

AS3 and Cocoa touch

Cocoa touch relies on an MVC framework, the iPhone SDK uses a ‘wizard’ similar to Flexbuilder, the syntax of Objective-C is somewhat diffrent to AS3 dot syntax, Objective-C uses Dynamic Typing and means (some) errors can only be checked on runtime, whilst AS3 can Static Typing, which means errors can only be checked on compile time.

Flash to Cocoa touch blogs

Other developers who have gone through a simialr process and have blogged their findings. Anton Mills has some interesting posts, and Nick Kuh too.

Nick has a great video clip…on the differences between OOP programming languages such as ActionScript 3 and Objective-C

Donald Bellenger lists some handy ‘migration points‘ on his post AS3 to Objective-C Cocoa Touch. There are some good points on TypeCasting and Static Methods.


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