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TextMate – Shortcut Heaven! – #in

Introduction i’ve started to learn HTML5, to discover how close the new functionality it has, can compete with Flash, which has functionality I’m familiar with. I decided to use TextMate to write the necessary html and css and discovered a world of numerous, sometimes fiddly but efficient shortcuts. A list of shortcuts This list isn’t … Continue reading

Context Switching

Introduction I was reading Andrew Hunt’s Pragmatic Thinking & Learning and was interested in the section, Maintain Task Focus. Here he talked about using a Virtual Desk Top so multiple workspaces on a computer can be set up. In essnence each virtual desktop only has a specific set of applications, and switching to a different … Continue reading

GTD for OSX part 1

Introduction´╗┐ I’m very interested in efficiency when using a computer and welcome new techniques in reducing the time spent dealing with various tasks. GTD or Getting Things Done Getting Things Done is a book by David Allen usually abbreviated to GTD, I’ll quote in full the Wikipedia definition: The Getting Things Done method rests on … Continue reading


I occasionally us TextMate as an alternative to Eclipse. It’s a Mac OSX only text editor with plenty of extra features. I’ve used is ability to compile with MTASC with some success, see my post ‘XTRACE, MTASC and TextMate‘. I found a useful Cheat Sheet provided by Also, G Design’s 2 Page Cheat Sheet … Continue reading

Setting up SVN with Mac OSX

How to set up and use Subversion in OSX. 0. I neglected to post how to install Subversion see: How to Install Subversion on Mac OS X. 1. Open the Terminal: Applications -> Terminal 2.Set the correct path in the Terminal window: export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin 3. Test by entering svn in Terminal window. Output should be … Continue reading

Best Tools

As I’ve been working all-over the place at the moment, I’m making a list of a useful freeware and applications I find essential for my work so i can find the links without any fuss. MAC OSX Free Ruler marsEdit 2 blog editor Eclipse Download FDT 3.0 the greatest actionscript tool. Also here’s a big … Continue reading