Context Switching


I was reading Andrew Hunt’s Pragmatic Thinking & Learning and was interested in the section, Maintain Task Focus. Here he talked about using a Virtual Desk Top so multiple workspaces on a computer can be set up. In essnence each virtual desktop only has a specific set of applications, and switching to a different desktop would reveal a diffrent set of applications.

Virtual Desk Top List

With OSX its very easy to set up using Virtual Desk Tops using Spaces.

I’ve followed the list as propsed by Andrew Hunt with a few modifications:

1 Communication:

  • email: Mail
  • todo: Anxiety
  • chat: I’m using Shrook to replace a browser Webmail
  • calandar: iCal

2 Writing

3 Coding

  • Xcode- wasn’t able to add this application in the System Preferences for Spaces
  • InterfaceBuilder
  • iPhone Simulator

4 Music

  • iTunes
  • Vuze
  • Senuti
  • Switch for converting FLAC files to MP3


I’ve found following the above a great boom to my effieciency, being able to focus on the task in hand.


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