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Using Greensock Classes #in

Introduction I’ve used various tweening engines over the years and have found those provided by Greensock to be the best. This post is intended to document my experience with the Greensock packages and provide quick links and tips for myself and others. Greensock The Greensock site is extensive and full of handy features and widgets, … Continue reading

Importing Illustrator Files to Flash

Copying images from Adobe Illustrator to Adobe Flash, which require a Gradient Introduction As I generally stick to the code side of Flash, I’m a bit rusty when it comes to the design and Timeline stuff. I needed to import Illustrator content to a Flash Movie, I assumed ‘copy and paste’ would be OK and … Continue reading

Running Flash Locally

Introduction I’ve been developing the new ActionScript 3.0 (”’AS3”’) Template, which will include, if feasible the ability to run Flash Content locally. (This will be content from a local hard-drive, or CDROM ). Flash has always had an emphais on security, which has the effect of disabling the functionalty of local content within a browser. … Continue reading

Using MTASC with the OSX Terminal Part 1

I’m attempting to clarify and document all the methods I intend to use to Compile and Publish to swf files. The bare bones method would be to use the OSX Terminal. The following is an abridged OSX specific version of the text in Tasks 1. Download MTASC see: 2. Place in applications folder. … Continue reading

Java Style Docs with ZenDoc

Introduction I’ve been following the habit of documentation my ActionScript code for some time, but I was interested in creating an html documentation for each Class in a project. Something like this example: Cursor. For a guide to documentation see: How To Document and Organize Your Java Code. This article mentions Javadoc in point 7, … Continue reading

Flash Programming – Good Articles

I’m compiling a collection of links to good Flash Programming articles, I’ll add some more details soon. Explaining OOP without Mentioning Classes I’m currently documenting a Flash project and whilst I was looking for precise definitions of Programming terms came across a definition of the Law of Demeter. This is (t)he fundamental notion is that … Continue reading

XTRACE, MTASC and TextMate

Generally I use FDT to create my Flash projects, but have just trashed my Java paths and am unable to use Eclipse. So I thought I would have a go at using TextMate to create a Flash project and see if I can compile with MTASC, rather than using the slow Flash IDE and use … Continue reading

Reflection in AS3

I had to create reflected assets for another Papaervision project I was working on. I used the reflection classes from Ben Pritchard of Pixelfumes. See: Flash Article. The Source files can be found here. There is also more information on the pixelfumes blog.

Problems with navigateToUrl

Whilst working on a Papervision3d project, I was having a little trouble linking to external web links. I Found an excellent solution here: Problems using navigateToURL. This solution incorporates the use of a Class URLUtils written by Jason the Sajand and uses the SWFObject. A link to the latest version of the SWFObject can be … Continue reading