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Using a Domain Specific Language in AS3

Introduction I’m very interested in creating flexible code in AS3 which reflects best practice in other Programming Languages, and primarily follows the topics covered in the Pragmatic Programmer. One chapter deals with Domain Languages, which seems a good approach to make more adaptable, robust, readable and testable code. In envisage creating a text file in … Continue reading

Books for Teams and Projects

I’ve been looking at extending my programming Book collection and decided to include a list of recommendations in The Pragmatic Programmer, and a few others. Teams and Projects The Mythical Man-Month by Fred Brooks Dynamics of software development Surviving Object-Oriented Projects by Alistair Cockburn Some interesting criticism of the above here: Advice and anecdotes for … Continue reading


Programming Books iPhone SDK I’ve just aquired iPhone 3.0 SDK Development, and thought I should put a good list of iPhone SDK books on my blog. iPhone 3.0 SDK Development Beginning iPhone 3 Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK There’s a very good chapter on using the SQLite Database, and a very useful chapter on using … Continue reading