Using Textastic to code HTML5 – Part 1 #in


I’ve recently purchased the new iPad and was interested in seeing if it was feasible to write HTML code on the device. I decided to see if textastic would be the app for the task.


Textastic is pretty straightforward text editor which is very well laid out and contains a few useful extra features. For instance the integrated WebDAV server and Dropbox support are very useful to transfer files.


It’s possible to use textmate bundles to make your coding more efficient  for example see: Excellent HTML Bundle. The textastic manual provides useful support see: themes and templates. More templates are available fro github.


Its possible to set up a wireless keyboard for the iPad which makes typing a whole lot easier, ( I still have to document the best short-cuts.)


I’m still putting the app to the test and have been desiring a Origami Workstation to make using textastic more fantastic!


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