Responsive Web Design with Skeleton – #in


I’m discarding Flash and working towards creating apps in HTML5 and Javascript, rather than re-inventing the wheel I was looking for an existing framework that could provide a framework responsive web design.

I looked at a few and decided like html5boilerplate. but decided upon skeleton. I managed very quickly to build a basic skeleton app for factornine.

This page is an attempt to consolidate my knowledge and share with others.

What is Skeleton?

Skeleton has been created by Dave Gamache, and describes itself as a “…small collection of CSS & JS files that can help you rapidly develop sites that look beautiful at any size..”. The download provides a basic boiler plate to get you going.

Brian Scaturro. provides a very good post here: Skeleton CSS Framework: An Introduction.


The skeleton site provides links to some impressive examples of sites using skeleton.

Tutorials and information

An alternative grid size here: Responsive CSS grid systems.

Design Shack provides a few basic tutorials Build a Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Web Page With Skeleton and here: 3 Rock Solid Website Layout Examples: Coded.


I’ll continue using skeleton for my HTML5 boiler plate, and then I concentrate my efforts in finding and implementing the best javascript framework.




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