Flex and AS3 for iOS


I’ve been doing plenty of research in creating IOS apps using Flash, AS3 and Flex this page is simply a list of relevant links.


Starting with AIR for Android and iOS – building one app for both platforms


Ant is essential to create the necessary build files

AIR2 and FDT4 (M4) – A detailed Walkthrough with ANT

FDT Ant Tasks – a more general guid to the usage of Ant scripts in FDT

Using ANT to Compile a Flex Mobile Project for iOS – A definitive guide for the Ant relevant to IOS development in FDT 4

Adobe links

Mobile development using Adobe Flex 4.5 SDK and Flash Builder 4.5 – a good introduction. Especially good is a list of Mobile-ready components in Flex 4.5. Plenty of the information is relevant to producing apps without Flash Builder.

Differences in mobile, desktop, and browser application development

Button and ToggleButton control – Basic Flex button stuff, with simple examples.

Flex 4 sample application: Spark Intranet Sample App

mobile-projects-proof-of-concept – Uses os-platform CSS media query.

Hero View & ViewNavigator – Functional and Design Specification – Think that the ‘hero’ set has been incorporated into the Spark Components

Lay out a mobile application

Define views in a mobile application – good stuff about pushing views.

Relevant Flex Classes

I always find the Adobe Class docs an essential reference, although there seems to be a vast number of different sets of them



ViewNavigator – Although the link relates to a set of BETA docs. should be reliable.


There’re plenty of tutorial videos out there, this is just a very small selection.

Flex on the iPad

Using Flash Builder 4.5 to package applications for Apple iOS devices


A basic PureMVC MultiCore AS3 example using Pipes Utility and Modules – an AS3 implementation of the PureMVC framework.

Understanding the PureMVC Open Source Framework – another AS3 Implementation

10 tips for working with PureMVC – general tips but well worth looking at.

A good relevant post relating to the usage of the ViewNavigator and ViewNavigator Classes and PureMVC, pushing the views!


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