Using FDT 4 to Create iPhone apps


I’ve been looking using HTML5 and javascript to create IOS aps, but was  little disappointed in the lack of an sdk with a true Object Orientated approach. (A topic worthy of another post).  I decided to return to familiar territory – AS3 and see how FDT4 can facilitate in the process.


The latest version of FDT 4.5



FDT 4.5 includes a set of ant templates which translate the as3 code to IOS ‘ipa’ files .

See the FDT tutorials to install the correct Flex and Air SDKs and set up the basic mobile template.


I created the basic as3 as specified in the video tutorial classes but wasn’t successful in creating a ‘debug’ session where trace events from my iPhone appeared in the FDT Console. I’ll have to do more tests and perhaps delve into the Air Development Tool (ADT) Commands.



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