Opening ppt files from a Flash presentation – #in


Recently, I was working on a project for a Flash presentation which was to be distributed on a  thumb drive. In part of the presentation a button was set to open a Powerpoint (ppt) file.


The Flash application was written for Flash Player 8 using ActionScript 2.0 (AS3),  using Flash CS4 on an iMac running OSX 10.6.


The pertinent button had the following code on a onClipEvent:

getURL("location/file.ppt", "_self");

Whilst running both the swf file and Projector app file, rather than opening the file the applications opened the containing folder. This was OK for my client, but I had the feeling this result was inconsistent to what I had experienced before.


Whilst running a cut down version of the Flash project for myself in a the same context, rather than opening the containing folder my Projector and swf launched the ppt file in NeoOffice.

Conclusion for the Projector

I can only assume, if the user’s machine does not have an application set to open ppt file the Projector  will open the containing folder, without asking anything.

Further Experiments

Also, I decided to experiment running the swf using different file types within different browsers.

The result were inconsistent, for the doc and ppt files Safari opened the files’ containing folder, Firefox and Opera gave an option box to open the files, whilst Google Chrome just downloaded the files without asking anything, with a momentarily big arrow pointing a link to the file in the bottom of the browser window.

For a text file (txt), all browsers opened the file within the bowser window.






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