Using Twitter To Create Notifications Of New Blog Posts


I’m interested in creating a ‘feed’ to appear in Facebook and Linked in each time I create a new blog. This post is a documentation of how to achieve this, and if all goes well, will be the first to create a feed in my social networking sites.


I’ve been told the most efficient way to do this, is too create a feed to the Twitter account each time a blog is uploaded. Then Twitter provides a feed to my Social Networking sites to notify my friends of the new Post.


  • Create Twitter Account
  • From the WordPress admin page:  from Dashboard -> My Blogs -> Publicize -> Check the Twitter radio button
  • As above Check the Facebook radio button
  • Link Twitter to Linked in from the Profile -> Additional Information -> Twitter +Add


Hopefully this will all work and this post will be publicised.


For LinkedIn I selected the radio button: Only tweets that contain #in


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