Packager for iPhone – #in


I was prompted by a colleague to purchase Computer Arts Projects magazine issue 144. With the title: Build an App using Flash. The magazine has has inspired to me to look into creating an app using Flash, because the featured project uses AS3 with PureMVC.

Restriction Changed

In a previous post Apple v Adobe, I believed that Apple would keep the restriction to keep the Adobe out of the arena. See, New App Store guidelines go deeper than Adobe for some reasons why I was wrong. ( This post has Some good info about App review guidelines too ).


The Packager for iPhone is a feature of CS5 Flash or is “…is also available as a standalone technology through this release on Adobe Labs…” . See: Adobe Labs Downloads

There’s a good FAQ’s page, and a forum.


I’ve downloaded the stand a alone packager and will follow the magazines project. So, expect further post detailing my Flash iPhone app!





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