Apple v Adobe


Further to Apple’s ruling baring Adobe’s Flash CS5 Packager for iPhone, I decided to document the latest developments.

The Ruling

Theres a good description of the ruling on the Daring Fireball site, and information about other SDK’s which might be effected by the same ruling.


Apple’s restriction has led to American federal regulators to consider an antitrust inquiry. So we might see another legal battle in the future.

The New Paradigm

Apple’s strategy is to replace Flash content on the Web with HTML5, and for Mobile users to use Objective-C iPhone Apps rather than web base Flash apps. For the strategy to work it is essential for the ‘big players’ to adopt the new paradigm.

Here are some examples:

From MacRumours again, the U.S. television network CBS appeared to be preparing to launch HTML5-based video content on its streaming site as an alternative to its existing Flash-based player.

Apple’s Nemesis Adobe, seems happy to develop apps for the iTunes store, assumingly using the Objective-C SDK rather than Flash! If Apple and Adobe are involved in a Mexican standoff, Adobe has blinked first, as if Adobe needs Apple more than Apple needs Adobe. So I’d say Apple are in the ascendancy and the establishment of the New Paradigm is progressing according to Apple’s Plan!


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