Using Redmine

Using Redmine for Project Management


I was interested in using a flexible project management web application, that was simple to use. Preferably in an inbuilt Web interface, rather than fiddling with Scripts and Shell Commands in the Terminal. Also, I need to create or link to a subversion repository on my external Drive, my Time Capsule.


I originally used Trac, and to avoid fiddling around used Bitnami Stack to install, but was able to extend to multiple projects. I downloaded Redmine using a similar Bitanmi Stack, after a Setup Wizard, and a few minutes installation, Redmine was ready to go. With an easy and intuitive interface, which I won’t detail here, a pdf help can be found here Redmine Tutorial.

The only thing was I had to kick start the server the day after, by using the Terminal.

cd to the location of the Redmine Stack and type:

$ ./ start


So far Redmine is great, up and running without any fiddling around!


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