Starting iPhone Devlopment

Notes on Starting iPhone Development

I’ve recently begun to learn the iPhone SDK and this post is to record my initial impressions and experiences.


The language for writing iPhone applications is Objective-C, I previously heard bad things about the language but after a little confusion I’m getting used to it and it’s seems pretty quick to pick up.

The code is written within Apple’s Xcode, which is a very clean and ordered interface. It also uses a GUI Interface Builder.

Necessary downloads and resources

  • Xcode
  • iPhone OS 3.0, which provides a simulator
  • iPhone Developer Program, this SDK has the ability to download the apps to an iPhone or iPod Touch


I purchased: ‘Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK‘, which seems a clear well written book, with decent examples.

iPhone Developer Program Enrollment

To obtain the full iPhone SDK, it is necessary to apply for and join the official iPhone Developer Program.

I’m presently having trouble faxing Apple and am expecting a long wait until I complete the application process.

As an update, the correct fax number from the UK is (including the international dialing code) is:

001 408 974 1053,

just keep trying if you cant get a response.


I’ll create further iPhone blogs as I progress.


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