Pure MVC

Pure MVC – quick outline and a collection of useful links

I’ve recently been creating a lot of projects using Pure MVC, (see my post MVC for an introduction to MVC), and believe it to be the best Framework by far for ActionScript development. Of course there’s a learning curve, but leaning the Framework is time well spent.

The Pure MVC site provides plenty of information which I won’t repeat here, except that the AS3 ‘Port’ can be downloaded here: PureMVC Standard for AS3 and the excellent documentation can be found here: Best Practices (English).

For the best starting point for Flash AS3 Development see: Building a Flash site using PureMVC. Which has project to download: Download Source Files. I found the use of the SiteDataProxy Class very helpful as an example of how to use the Model part of the MVC Triad correctly.

Also, I’ve found a set of tasty templates for FDT at: darkandlong, which greatly decrease production time.


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