Copying Base Project in Reposoitory to new Project in Eclipse/FDT


To copy a base Flash Project (which is already linked to a repository) from FDT to a fresh Flash Project. And, to create a new Subversion Repository for the new Project.


  • Mac OSX
  • Subversion
  • FDT
  • Use of the OSX Terminal
  • SVN Repository plug-in


1. First Create folder for the new Repository

In terminal cd to the Subversion folder and enter:

$ svnadmin create new_as2_project_2

2. Copy folders
From FDT choose the folders from the FDT project you want to copy (If you select the top folder, that folder will be exported to)

– Team -> Export to ‘new_as2_project’

3. Check in Finder

See in Finder new folder ‘new_as2_project_2’

4. Create New Project

From FDT File -> New Project project name ‘new_as2_project_2’, set the location and AS language correctly and the project will be visible in the FDT Flash Explorer

5. Set the Source Folder if necessary
-> Add to Classpath

6. Export to Repository

Select Project in Flash Explorer

Team -> Share Project -> Select Repository Type

Share Project with SVN Repository
Create a new repository location ‘new_as2_project_2’

Select correct svn folder
in My case file:///svn/new_as2_project

Click next
Enter url:


Specify folder name

Enter SVN Author Name

Ready to Share Project

Files should have been exported to new Repository


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