Java Style Docs with ZenDoc


I’ve been following the habit of documentation my ActionScript code for some time, but I was interested in creating an html documentation for each Class in a project. Something like this example: Cursor.

For a guide to documentation see: How To Document and Organize Your Java Code. This article mentions Javadoc in point 7, which for the Java language can be created automatically.

( For a detailed document on writing comments for the Javadoc Tool see: How to Write Doc Comments for the Javadoc Tool, although much is specific to the use for Javadoc Tool it sets a good standard to follow. Also, for a list of current @ tags see: javadoc tags.)

In this blog I’ll document my attempt to produce a repeatable and scalable system to create javadoc style documents for ActionScript.


I found ZenDoc which generates …customizable HTML documentation for Flash ActionScript 2.0 and ActionScript 3.0 source files…

There are examples provided and a manual, generating the html code from the source as file is straightforward using the online application. The tricky bit is getting the comments in the ActionScript to generate the desired results.

I favour the sample Default.html template.


1. For the comment block to generate the documentation the first line must be /** not /*
2. For the Default template to get the Class Description I had to put the Class Imports above the description Comment block.

Other options

I’ve also has a look at VisDoc. The software isn’t opensource, but it was easy to create the required html pages. Can be purchased from the Kagi site.


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